A Wonderful Day in the neighborhood~

This week I attended the Miami International Book fair which was quite interesting. The crowd was full of energy and despite all the skeptics that believe the internet has changed the importance of books, I beg to differ. Books are an essential part of should be an essential part of everyone's lives. Books have taught us so much about the Past, Present and most importantly given us on on look of the future that we should never turn away from such a vital tool in our lives. Besides, how could we ever forget the books that introduced the meaning of true love? 

The worlds smallest book. Although in Spanish, I still find this book quite intriguing, being that it looks as if it contains only a couple pages, but in reality each of these books contain about...200 pages. 


  1. I want t go to this. I think today is the last day.

  2. The little books are so cute. 200 pages -that's impressive.
    - Marie

  3. Danish: Yes the last day was today! I went two days. The first day it was beautiful but then I went on Friday and it was terrible weather!

    Make the world a prettier place: Seriously! I was in shock when I saw it!!!