The Art of Love

Is love an art that is to be mastered over time? Is it like a beautiful painting that it takes time in order to perfect and make it into a beautiful picture? But what happens when some of the colors don't mix well together or when another color goes into a section it should not be in? I think the answer is very simple. We are the artist, therefore we chose how beautiful the love will be or how pure the love will be or how long the love with last or just simply how will we show our love. Everyone has a different way of showing love, just like artist have different ways of showing art. We must better ourselves in order to be loved and to love, just like an artist needs to better their paintings over time. After all, master pieces are not created over night but over long periods of time. 



  1. I agree in what you've said: everyone has a unique way to show his love like his art (someone could think art is love, or love is art).
    Anyway your blog is interesting and I follow you.


  2. Thanks lovely! So happy you agree! And I am following you also! Great blog!! xoxo