Thanksgiving, bringing out the best in Family dysfunction since 1863

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and is still either A) alive or B) not in a food comma! I just love Thanksgiving. I love the turkey. The freshly baked corn bread. I especially love the stuffing, which I totally think we should eat more of it rather than just once a year. But honestly my favorite part of Thanksgiving is realizing how completely normal I am. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, of course, but also a time to critique every single person in your family. Come on, we all do it, you don't need to lie here. We lie and say we love the disgusting corn souffle(which btw was disgusting I had to try because my aunt practically forced it down my throat), we lie and say everything is fine with our boyfriend or girlfriend when in reality we broke up 2 months ago. We lie and say work is going great even though we've been out of a job for a couple months. And most importantly we lie and tell that over weight cousin of ours how much weight they have lost, when in reality they look fatter than last Thanksgiving. Ah yes, the beauty of Thanksgiving.

P.S. If you can't figure out who the crazy person in your family is, I hate to break it to you...but its you.


Giving back makes the world go round!

Why are there some people that have so much but then there are others that have nothing? Its simple: The earth has a very cruel sense of humor. Whatever the answer maybe, there is only one way to go about changing the problem and that is by giving back. This holiday season I wanted to give back to those less fortunate. I found a group of nuns that has a house that was created to take care of migrant workers children. These nuns have taken a vow of poverty so basically they run on whatever donations they get. There mission for this Thanksgiving was to collect 150 turkeys in order to give out to the less fortunate. I can proudly say that between my family, boyfriend and I we donated 50 turkeys plus boxes of mashed potatoes, caned veggies, oil and so much more. We also helped set up the bags in which were handed out today. This was such an amazing experience and I am so proud to say that I made a difference. 

Please let me know if you would like to donate for Christmas! Or if you just want to help out!


The Art of Love

Is love an art that is to be mastered over time? Is it like a beautiful painting that it takes time in order to perfect and make it into a beautiful picture? But what happens when some of the colors don't mix well together or when another color goes into a section it should not be in? I think the answer is very simple. We are the artist, therefore we chose how beautiful the love will be or how pure the love will be or how long the love with last or just simply how will we show our love. Everyone has a different way of showing love, just like artist have different ways of showing art. We must better ourselves in order to be loved and to love, just like an artist needs to better their paintings over time. After all, master pieces are not created over night but over long periods of time. 




As I wandered aimlessly around the web (working on my Christmas Wish List), I cam across some of the most MAJ shoes from my FAV Designer...PERF Friday night if you ask me. The one and only Sam Edelman. Complete genius. 


A Wonderful Day in the neighborhood~

This week I attended the Miami International Book fair which was quite interesting. The crowd was full of energy and despite all the skeptics that believe the internet has changed the importance of books, I beg to differ. Books are an essential part of should be an essential part of everyone's lives. Books have taught us so much about the Past, Present and most importantly given us on on look of the future that we should never turn away from such a vital tool in our lives. Besides, how could we ever forget the books that introduced the meaning of true love? 

The worlds smallest book. Although in Spanish, I still find this book quite intriguing, being that it looks as if it contains only a couple pages, but in reality each of these books contain about...200 pages. 


The art of blogging...or talking to yourself

What does it mean to blog? What makes a good blogger? How can you tell a good blog a part from a bad blog? Or I think the better question: does anyone really truly care about what the blogger is saying? Blogging to me seems to be quite intriguing. The fact that millions of people could in fact be reading and even better caring, really inspires me to want to enlighten people.